You’re on your way…

So you’ve decided to make the drive to Opakapaka Bar & Grill.
Like most places in Hawai‘i, your experience is about both the destination AND the journey. We figured we’d point out a few of the great North Shore locales on Kuhio Highway that you’ll pass along the way, many of them popular destinations on their own.


You’re going to go past the lighthouse

You’ll want to get out your camera for this diversion: the stark red and white paint of the recently restored Kīlauea Lighthouse on the background of a perfectly blue sky is going to look great on your social media feed. You’ll need the binoculars to get up close and personal with the sea birds and whales who enjoy this area; the Lighthouse, recently restored in 2013 to celebrate its centennial, sits on a wildlife refuge that is home to several bird species. To truly enjoy the lighthouse, plan your visit on a Wednesday or Saturday when there are tours of this beautiful building that sits 180 feet above the ocean.


Through the fields…

The taro fields (lo‘i kalo) of Kauai’s North Shore give visitors a glimpse into Hawaii’s ancient history, showing how traditional methods to grow this incredibly important crop are still used today. 73% of the state’s taro production comes from Kauai, and the majority of that comes from these North Shore fields. Taro plants are used in their entirety -- from the root to the leaves, and are both spiritually and culturally significant to Hawaiians. The taro fields that you’ll drive by on the way to the restaurant are irrigated terraces that farmers tend year-round in difficult conditions. Be sure to appreciate their hard work by trying some poi, taro, or laulau (the leaves create the wrap for this dish), all important parts of the Hawaiian diet.


Right by the stunning beaches…

Who are we kidding? You’re definitely going to be making a stop in Princeville to explore some of Kauai’s best beaches. If you weren’t already staying at one of the resorts, condos, or vacation rentals in this community, you’ll likely want to stop for provisions at the grocery store, catch some stunning views of Hanalei Bay, and get some beach time in at Pu'u Poa Beach, SeaLodge Beach, Hideaways Beach, and Queen’s Bath.


Over the bridge…

Historic Hanalei Bridge on Kuhio Highway welcomes you to the town of Hanalei, as it crosses over Hanalei River. The bridge, originally built in 1912, was replicated in 2003 after falling into disrepair, maintaining the charm of the original structure. This one-lane bridge has the distinction of being on the National Register of Historic Places in Hawaii. Here’s a little local knowledge to help you on your way: When you arrive at a one-lane bridge, it’s customary to yield to oncoming traffic, allow 5-7 waiting cars to pass, then take your turn through.


Make your way through the bay…

Hanalei Bay is a cozy, coastal community that is home to one of Kauai’s most picturesque beaches; it’s expansive, the swimming is good, and it’s surrounded by views of coastal landscapes. Before you hit the beach, stop in the small town to do a little bit of shopping and grab a smoothie to hold you over until you make it to the end of the road. In addition to the beach, Hanalei Pier, Wai‘oli Hui‘ia Church, and Limahuli Garden and Preserve are places worth spending some time.


One more bridge…

The Wainiha River Bridge is a double bridge that stretches across -- you guessed it, the Wainiha River. Thanks to the weight limits on these small bridges, tour buses cannot come through, giving those visitors who make it up to the stretch of highway a more intimate experience (though there are still plenty of visitors along the highway).


You made it!

Welcome to Opakapaka Bar & Grill inside the Hanalei Colony Resort -- we may not be your final destination, but we hope that you’ll stick around for a bit. Our ocean views complement our island menus, and our friendly staff can’t wait to talk story with you and help you enjoy your journey. Whether you’re joining us from the east side of Kauai, the middle of the U.S., or the island of Japan, we want to make you feel at home.

Gotta run? Even if you can’t linger long and need to head off on more of your adventure, we can help get you outfitted for your trip with our beach packs, outfitted with food and drinks for the perfect picnic.


Oh you passed us?
Hope you brought your own fishing pole!

Your drive ends here -- the end of the road, and Ke’e Beach Park happens to be a beautiful place to snorkel and swim, thanks to the protection of the reef here. On the left side of the lagoon, where it meets the sea, you’ll find Puka Ulua, a great place to drop your pole in the water and try to catch one of the prized Ulua (giant trevally) that swim these waters.